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About GPWI

The Greater Portland Workforce Initiative (GPWI) is a collective impact initiative of 19 community partners, including representatives from education and training providers, funders, federal, state, and local government, non-profit organizations, community/economic development organizations, and businesses. GPWI’s work is centered around systems change — working differently, together. Combining the expertise, programming, and influence of our Partners, the results are far more effective than they are individually.

GPWI Partners co-designed a dual-customer workforce pipeline model serving both job seekers and employers utilizing evidence-based best practices from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and identified five target populations who face significant obstacles to steady and sustainable employment: immigrants and refugees, single heads of household, older youth not connected to school or work, individuals experiencing homelessness, and those re-entering the workforce from incarceration. The goal is to help these individuals eliminate barriers to entering or remaining in the workforce.

Working collaboratively with sector employers, Partners break down traditional silos and develop processes for individuals with barriers to employment looking to achieve financial stability through meaningful employment; this often begins with access to education (professional certificates or credentials of value) and the supportive services needed to both access and be successful in these opportunities.

When the experience, programming, and influence of GPWI Partners is combined with the expertise of sector employers, the results are exceptional!

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