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The tightening labor market and historically low unemployment rate in Greater Portland is creating a more competitive landscape for employers. At the same time, employment data continues to reflect significantly higher unemployment rates for serially under-utilized pools of jobseekers including single heads of household, individuals reentering from incarceration (returning citizens), immigrants and refugees, “opportunity” youth (16-24), and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Working collaboratively with sector employers, Stakeholders break down traditional silos and develop streamlined processes for individuals with barriers to employment in Greater Portland looking to achieve financial stability through meaningful employment- which often begins with access to education (professional certificates or credentials of value) and the supportive services needed to both access and be successful in these opportunities. Together, Stakeholders work toward a Greater Portland where all individuals are prepared for and connected to employment with strong career pathways and family sustaining wages.

When the experience, programming, and influence of GPWI Stakeholders is combined with the expertise of sector employers- the results are exceptional.

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